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I'm Back!

I'm blogging again and hopefully for a while.

What I am doing

Right now at this very second we (my family and I) are watching the 2008 Summer Olympics. This year they are in the Communist China and the capital city off Beijing.

New Paintball Gun

The Sunday before we left on vacation (07-12-08) I bought Stephen's old Tippmen 98 Costum. It has on it:
Auto Cocks II,
Double finger trigger,
and a flat line barrel.
It's a nice gun and I LOVE it.

Sad News :(

I found out from a reliable source that Missions Park Paintball shut down. To me it is really sad news because:
A. I really liked playing there.
B.It was Christian owned and operated.
Oh well, guess we'll have to take our business to Phoenix Paintball Division.

We'er Home!

We got back about eightish (pm) on Friday (today - 7-25-08). After going to Branson, MO we went to Albuquerque, NM. We spent five days total on the road (long days...).

Buddy Davis

When we go to Branson there will be a Buddy Davis concert every night (tue.,wed.,thus.,fri.). So unless they're the same every night or we're busy we will be there (hopefully:) ).